The Warm Up

Improve your Picking and Legato in as little as 2 days! Expect to see results quickly with just 5 minutes per exercise.

Why is this course necessary?

Would you throw a child who couldn’t swim into a deep lake?

How is it fair on your hands to expect them to magically cope with a difficult song or solo when they haven’t had the necessary strength and dexterity given to them?

The Facts:

  • Weak fingers cannot keep time properly
  • Poor timekeeping prevents you from developing hand coordination
  • Poor hand coordination prevents you from building speed and stamina
  • Being unable to develop speed and stamina stops you from progressing on the guitar
  • Being unable to progress makes you frustrated and more likely to give up 

You can see the problems caused by poor picking and legato.

So what can you do about it?

From as little as 5 minutes per day on each exercise in this course, you’ll start to see results.

Expect to notice a difference in your finger strength and picking coordination within 2 days. This is just the beginning.
So, if you’re willing to spend 5 minutes per exercise a day on improving your most important guitar skills, then let’s get started!

What's included?

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Practice FAQ
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Let's Warm Up The Picking Hand
4 mins
Let's Warm Up The Fretting Hand
6 mins
Exercises 1a & 1b Guitar Tab PDF
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Exercises 1a & 1b Guitar Tab Guitar Pro 5
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Exercise 2 Guitar Tab PDF
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Exercise 2 Guitar Tab Guitar Pro 5
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BONUS: This is How You Build Guitar Technique PDF
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5 Powerful and Easy Ways to Be a Better Guitar Player PDF
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