Mega Badass Bundle by Ben Higgins

Mega Badass Bundle

All the Technique Courses in One Bundle.
A Nuclear Explosion of Guitar Technique!

Mega Savings of £23.90!

You want to be a better guitarist but don't know how to get there?
Here is the gateway to all the life-changing guitar skills you could ever want!
All the ESSENTIAL guitar techniques you need to be able to shred!
You'd BETTER be able to cope with all the ATTENTION you'll get as a result of this!


  • Badass Alternate Picking
  • Badass Sweep Picking
  • Legato Gym
  • Badass Hand Sync
  • Badass Vibrato
  • Badass String Bending
  • Badass Inside Picking
  • Badass Economy Picking
  • Badass Guitar Licks

ALL This Can Be YOURS!

Badass Alternate Picking

Pick FASTER than ever before!
View course £11.95

Badass Economy Picking

Secret Weapon Picking Technique!
View course £11.95

Badass Guitar Licks

Learn My Signature Licks with this FRESH Injection of Badass Guitar Licks!
View course £11.95

Badass Hand Synchronisation

#1 Hidden Enemy of ALL Guitarists!
View course £9.95

Badass Inside Picking

Defeat the 'Inside Picking' Demon!
View course £9.95

Badass String Bending

Get INCREDIBLE string bending ability! 
View course £11.95

Badass Sweep Picking

The FASTEST &  most FLUID way to play arpeggios! 
View course £11.95

Badass Vibrato

Get the Singing Guitar Sound of the Gods!
View course £11.95

Legato Gym

Get Fast Fingers that FLOW across the strings!
View course £11.95


Which course should I start with?

  • I recommend starting with Badass Alternate Picking. 
  • In the meantime, your fretting hand will need to be capable of keeping up with your picking hand so Legato Gym is the obvious choice here. 
  •  Once you’ve familiarised yourself with the material and are practising the advice and licks, start applying it to Badass Hand Synchronisation. This is a good way to get your hands working together.
  •  My FREE course The Warm Up also has two mega simple exercises that work both hands so make sure you possess that if you don’t already!
  •  Now you’re taking care of both hands and getting some fundamental strength and stamina where it counts.