Legato Gym

Get Fast Fingers that FLOW across the strings!

Legato is ESSENTIAL to Building Speed

Do you want your hands to FLOAT across the strings like Satriani and Vai with Fluid, Flowing Ease?
Do you want your fingers to be able to play what you hear in your mind?
Follow the STEP by STEP instructions to Free Your Fingers and ENJOY Your New Legato Abilities!

Learn How To...

  • Play ascending legato shapes!
  • Play descending legato shapes!
  • Cross strings with legato!

What's included?

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Practice FAQ
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Legato Gym Exercise 1
3 mins
Legato Gym Exercises 2 & 3
4 mins
Legato Gym Exercise 4
3 mins
Legato Gym Exercise 5
6 mins
BONUS VIDEO: Taming the Little Finger
6 mins
BONUS VIDEO: Improving Finger Independence
5 mins
Legato Gym Guitar Tab PDF
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Legato Gym Guitar Tab Guitar Pro 5
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