Which Badass course should I start with?

  • If you’ve grabbed yourself a copy of the Mega Badass Bundle then here's what to do.I recommend starting with Badass Alternate Picking. 
  • In the meantime, your fretting hand will need to be capable of keeping up with your picking hand so Legato Gym is the obvious choice here. 
  • Once you’ve familiarised yourself with the material and are practising the advice and licks, start applying it to Badass Hand Synchronisation. This is a good way to get your hands working together.
  • My FREE course The Warm Up also has two mega simple exercises that work both hands so make sure you possess that if you don’t already!
  • Now you’re taking care of both hands and getting some fundamental strength and stamina where it counts.

How should I practise the material in your courses?

  • The same way you would with anything you practise. Some people prefer strict practice schedules with a certain time allotted to every exercise. Some people work better by focusing on less things but for a longer amount of time ie. go with the flow and play until they’ve had enough.
  • If you’re focusing on developing a particular technique it can often be better to just immerse yourself in it and give yourself time to experiment until you feel the technical concepts taking shape, rather than to try and squeeze everything in. This is the way I’ve always made the real leaps in my guitar playing.
  • There’s no right or wrong way here. Look back at your guitar playing history and try and identify what has always worked best for you and keep it along those lines.

Do I get lifetime access?

Yes you do!