Badass Sweep Picking by Ben Higgins

Badass Sweep Picking

The FASTEST &  most FLUID way to play arpeggios! 

You'll Learn...

  • The CORRECT motion for sweep picking!
  • The BEST practice shapes to use! 
  • How to BLAZE through arpeggios like Yngwie Malmsteen, Tony MacAlpine & Jason Becker!

What's included?

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Practice FAQ
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A. The Wrist Roll
3 mins
B. The Arpeggio
7 mins
C. 6 String Shapes
5 mins
D. 3 String Shapes
3 mins
E. Adding Slides & Hammer-ons
5 mins
F. Get Crazy With It
3 mins
Badass Sweep Picking Guitar Tab PDF
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Badass Sweep Picking Guitar Tab Guitar Pro 5
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