Badass String Bending by Ben Higgins

Badass String Bending

Get INCREDIBLE string bending ability! 

Bad String Bending Ruins Any Guitar Solo!

  • Do you want to be that guitarist who can play all the Flashy Stuff but can't bend strings AT ALL?
  • NOBODY admires or respects guitar players who cannot bend strings!
  • Thankfully, you will NEVER have to be in that position because this course gives you the EXACT steps to follow to get INCREDIBLE String Bending Ability!

Learn How To Play...

  • Semi tone bends!
  • Whole tone bends!
  • Pre-bends!
  • Extreme wide bends!
  • Bends with vibrato!

What's included?

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Practice FAQ
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A. The Action
6 mins
B. Double Bends
4 mins
C. Pre-Bends
8 mins
D. Bending from Outside Notes
4 mins
E. Multiple Tone Bends
5 mins
Badass String Bending Guitar Tab PDF
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Badass String Bending Guitar Tab Guitar Pro 5
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