Badass Inside Picking by Ben Higgins

Badass Inside Picking

Defeat the 'Inside Picking' Demon!

Problems Picking From One String to Another?

  • The pick gets CAUGHT between the strings?
  • You have NO space to move?
  • You've HIT the dreaded WALL of 'Inside Picking!'
  • With the STEP by STEP instructions you'll know EXACTLY how to tackle complex picking lines so that your pick NO LONGER gets caught in the wrong place!
  • Finally UNLOCK those Paul Gilbert and Al Di Meola style picking runs!

Learn How To...

  • PROPERLY move your pick
  • CORRECTLY use your wrist
  • Use your thumb to TURBOCHARGE string changes

What's included?

Video Icon 3 videos File Icon 4 files


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Practice FAQ
66.2 KB
A. Going Inside
3 mins
B. Phase One - Wrist
4 mins
C. Phase Two - Thumb
7 mins
Badass Inside Picking Guitar Tab PDF
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Badass Inside Picking Guitar Tab Guitar Pro 5
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